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Morgan Advanced Ceramics Inc, CVD Materials

Morgan Advanced Ceramics Inc, CVD Materials provides the solution to your materials problem. We specialize in manufacturing by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), a process so demanding that only a handful of companies worldwide have mastered the art. The CVD process creates ultra-pure materials. Our Performance PBN materials of pyrolitic boron nitride and Performance SiC materials of silicon carbide, including low resistivity SiC, are used in high temperature furnace and electrical components; microwave and semiconductor components; gallium arsenide crystal production and more.

  • Plasma etch, RTP, and CVD deposition processes rely on the stiffness, high thermal conductivity, and chemical resistance of CVD SiC components. 
  • Conductive silicon carbide components open up new ways to get energy into the chamber. 
  • Crucibles of PBN, a unique material with anisotropic properties, provide outstanding performance in gallium arsenide (GaAs) crystal production and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE).
Our advanced ceramics Performance PBN and Performance SiC have an impressive list of attributes:
  • Chemically inert
  • Theoretically dense
  • Highly machinable
  • Low outgasing at elevated temperatures
  • High resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures
  • Retention of thermal and mechanical properties at temperatures beyond 2000 C
  • Product deposition to "near net" shapes
  • Availability in many shapes and sizes, including large flat plates
  • The intrinsic purity typical of the chemical vapor deposition process

Morgan Advanced Ceramics Inc, CVD Materials works with your chemical, physical, electrical, and mechanical requirements to create innovative advanced ceramic solutions quickly, and with the quality you expect, to satisfy your most demanding applications. There are many benefits to using our materials in your manufacturing processes:

  • Improve your production processes and product quality
  • Drop particle counts as much as 50% in applications where PerformanceSiC silicon carbide replaces other materials
  • Shorten new product times to market.
  • Reduce the costs of ownership of your equipment.
  • Increase life of consumables

Our materials provide superior performance in many applications in both semiconductor and compound semiconductor processing.


Semiconductor Compound Semiconductor and Microwave

Dry Etch RTP CVD

  • susceptors
  • processing chambers
  • liners
  • gas distribution plates
  • wafer carriers
  • edge rings
  • electrostatic chucks
  • sputter targets
  • heating elements
  • electrodes
  • RF components

GaAs crystal growth MBE

  • crucibles
  • heating elements
  • auxiliary effusion cell hardware
We can help you eliminate particulates in your chamber and solve other pressing materials problems. Contact us.

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